The Theran Chronicles

Thera has seen countless changes in its thousand year history, most of which were caused by the hand of a few with power over the many.

From the ancient uprising of Elf over dragon to the titanic conflict between Elf and Dwarf which led to the Scourge, it has always been the few, who control history over the many.

This holds true during the Age of Man. From the first tribal leader to declare himself king, through the foundation of the Rhoman Empire, and later the Kindgom of Thera ancient feuds and noble houses play a game of politics and skill as means to further their own power and prestige.

Do you have what it takes to enter this arena? Are you one of the few, who can control power over the many. Whether as a soldier for hire, a conqueror, a king, an assassin, priest or mage?

If you dare, enter Thera.

Chronicles of Thera is a standalone D20 game, which blends features from different styles of thought into a new way to run a fantasy campaign.

  • A non-Hit Point based combat system. It has been replaced with a damage save system to put more randomness into combat, while allowing the player to feel the roll of his dice matters.
  • Stunt System. A stunt system replaces the traditional Critical attack system for a more cinematic feel.
  • Reworked feats. Several classic Feats have been reworked in an effort to increase the tension in conflict situations, as well as building players up into truly legendary figures.
  • A fleshed-out framework for a world to support different play styles. The world is Sia’lar and Thera is large, there are several routes a campaign go move into, and the game supports several.
  • Magic is a game changer. Magic is greatly feared, and a single Magi can change the tide of any battle or political struggle.
  • Roleplay friendly. With the combat system styled to a deadlier outcome, Chronicles of Thera pushes players to handle situations differently. Rushing into combat may be great for ballads, but it often ends in a grim outcome for the hero.
  • And many more.

The Theran Chronicles