Prestor Tiber

King of Thera


Prestor Tiber was born to be great. His Mother Caere Tiber was already a legendary figure after the conquest of the Iron Islands, and Prestor was not the sort of young man to let his mother overshadow him.

Taking the Ivory Throne at the young age of 16 Prestor immediately was put to the test when a Hyrakan invasion struck from the east. Breaking through the great fortress of Alexandria in the East of Thera. Rallying his banners the young king road out to war.

Many of the older noble families were wary of the child going to war, but Prestor proved to be a natural leader and the Hyrakan horde was crushed. The largest horde in centuries was driven back east and Prestor had his first taste of war. It would not be his last.

The boy king wasted little time, joining the Divine March in the lands of Ahrabi to retake the Golden City of Auen. Over the course of the next several years the young king grew even greater in battle. His victories could not easily be counted, and it is during this time he becomes known as “The Battle King.”

This line of victories reaches it apex at the Battle of Shifting Sands, where the Diviner army meets, matches and defeats the combined Ahrabi armies. This effectively seals control of the Golden City and lays out the basic territories that have existed over the last ten years.

The Temple has called Prestor, “Tiberius Reborn” and has put much stock in the young king. He has conquered more territory than any Tiber in centuries, eclipsing his mother. The common folk love the man, as the Temple has spent decades making the Ahrabi out to be dark skinned heathens that Prestor constantly battles.

A great wartime king he may be, Prestor has not been back to Rhoma in almost ten years. Leaving the day to day running of the Kingdom to his small council, predominately under the control of Aedra Assant, Arlessa of Rhoma.

The future is bright for the young king. His people love him, the majority of the nations soldiers revere him, and he has few political enemies strong enough to strike out against him. However, there is a dark side to his success. Prestor has no wife, and no children. He is the last of the Tibers, something that the young king is constantly reminded of.

Prestor is a handsome man, 26 years of age in the prime of his life. He has Golden hair and striking green eyes. He has classic Rhoman looks, with aquiline sharp features. He looks very much the heroic king.

Prestor Tiber

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